Adobe premiere pro

Adobe premiere pro is a software tool that will make your dream come true as a video editor. In this software, learners learn how to edit videos and import video content. It supports a high resolution in editing. As a designer it will enable you to import and export formats using windows and macOS. It enables eye adjustments and provides 3D editing of materials.

Learners will be able to employ the
following skills as video editors.

  • Select color grading
  • Perform audio cleaning
  • Create motion graphic templates
  • Apply audio effects on tracks
  • Edit keyboard shortcuts

This software can support up to 10,240* 8192 resolutions and up to 32 bit channel. One can plug in a n audio support and 5.1surround sound mixing. Premiere pro supports more video and audio file for export and import on windows and macOS. One can adjust his eye from left to right to view 3D material using 2D monitors. Adobe premiere pro is capable of importing and playing back constituents from Adobe after effects while using adobe dynamic link. It also capable of changing the adobe after effects composites and return them back to premier pro while updating the changes. Similar can be done by importing premiere pro into after effects. It also allows one to copy clips in the adobe premiere pro and after effects while retaining its features. Adobe premier pro enables the user to view projects in premiere rush and edit them.

It also works hand in hand with Photoshop by viewing files to be edited in Photoshop from premiere pro. Premiere pro uses metadata in video production to create a script. The script is passed to adobe on location from adobe story in order to capture metadata to the footage. The script in metadata can match dialogue to speech recognition. One can find clips using their dialogue in the p [premier pro in order to make web DVDS and send them to adobe encore adobe prelude was developed to replace adobe on location.
Another version called adobe premiere elements is mostly used by home users that use windows and macOS. Premiere pro is broadly used globally due to its many pros that include; multi camera editing, time remapping, advanced color correction, many sequence support, advanced audio mixing feature. It is used for elaborating DVD and blur-ray disk since it has an encore. Adobe on location is used for direct to disk recording. Adobe creative cloud was developed to replace encore.

Different versions of premiere pro exist in the following:

1Version premiere 1.0
It works on a Mac platform and it was released on December 1991. It is used in QuickTime multimedia and video format support., it can support a PICT image, it supported up to 1608120 pixels in creating movie. It supported 8 bit audio and output to video tape.
2Adobe premiere 2.0
It works on a Mac platform and was released on September 1992. It is used in QuickTime editing of videos and capturing audios. It is used in creating titles and constructing windows. It has a fast motion support and a 5 audio and 41 movie image filters. It has 49 special effects to apply and it’s a 16 bitwith44kHz audio support. A filmstrip file format was developed for this version and has a numbered PICT for the purpose of support. It uses illustrator in importing text and a SMPTE for the purpose of supporting time code.
3Adobe premier 3.0
It works well on a Mac platform and it was released on august 1993. This version has 99 stereo audio track and 97 video tracks. It has got a video waveform monitor and a sub-pixel motion as well as file rendering.. This version has been used in batch digitizing and has a full frame rate preview. It has got also an enhanced window.
4Adobe premiere 1.0
This version works well on a windows platform and it was initially released on September 1993. Some of its accompanied features include the following; a video format and a 24 bit AVI. It has an animator for file support and audio support in AVI, AIFF and WAV format. It has image support in DIB, PCX, PICT, PCX and Photoshop formats. It is used to track two and three videos.
5Adobe premiere 1.1
This version works on a windows platform and was released on February 1994. It is capable of capturing videos and expanding graphics and audio files. It has TARGA and ADPCM file support and used in importing images in a sequence manner.
6Adobe premiere 4.0
This version uses a Mac platform and it was initially released on July 1994. Some of its associated features include; a trim window. It can support 97 superimposition tracks and two A/B tracks. Used in dynamic preview mode. One can use it to filter customs and create transitions. It hs time variable filters and a batch capture as well as time-lapse capture.
7Adobe premiere 4.0
This version uses window platform and it was initially released on December 1994. Some of it uses include; it can move windows platform. Both premiere 4.0 on windows and premiere 4.0 on Mac have the same uses and potentials.
8Adobe premiere 4.2
The version uses Mac platform and it was initially released on October 1995. It has a CD-ROM plug-in and it is used in analyzing data rate. Has a power Macintosh manager.
9Adobe premiere 4.2
This version uses a windows platform and was initially released on April 1996. It works on a 32-bit architecture and it can support long file names. It is widely used in background compiling and supporting 4K output. It uses right mouse button.
10Adobe premiere 5.0
Uses both Mac and windows platform and it was initially released on may 1998. Some of its features include; used in editing programs and title window. It has video and audio filters. Its tracks can collapse. It can support up to three hour project length support.
11Adobe premiere5.1
The version uses windows and Mac platform. It was initially released on October 1998. It has a DPS that is used for supporting perception. It has a smart file and a timeline export. It is supported by dual processor which is multithreaded.
12Adobe premiere 6.0
The version uses windows and Mac platform. It was initially released on January 2001. It has widely been used to support video web and DV formats. It is used to edit titles and can mix audio files. It has a storyboard and a OHCI support.
13Adobe premiere 6.5
The version uses windows and Mac platform. It was initially released on august has been used in real time preview and in designing adobe titles. It is also used in exporting and importing DVD files to MPEG-2.
14Premiere pro 1.0
It uses Mac and windows platform and was initially released on august 21. This version has been used by designers to rewrite codes in full. It is also used in correcting various colors and editing audios in sample level. One can apply audio effects on tracks using this version. It has keyboard shortcut that one can edit and a 5.1 audio as well as VST audio.
15Premier pro CC 2019
This is the latest version which uses both Mac and windows platform. It was released on October 15 2018. It is widely used selecting color grade and cleaning audio. It supports premiere rush files which can be edited In premiere pro. It is widely used in designing motion graphic templates.