Adobe InDesign

Learners will be educated on the best desktop publishing app that will enable them to create products such as magazines, posters, brochures and various presentations to corporate. They will be also be equipped with best knowledge of publishing content using adobe publishing software. They will be able to export various documents into portable document format. This tool enables graphic designers to come up with creative designs that are eye appealing and marketable. This tool also enables designers to lay out publications create posters and print media. It can support export and imports of EPUB and SWF formats that is used in creating digital publications and information used in mobile tablets.

It supports XML, and style sheets hence allowing a designer to export content that is used in digital format. It has a server CS2 that was released on October 2005 purposely to be used by Macintosh and window platforms. This was an advanced server version of indesign with no interface. It was developed to work hand in hand with indesign plug in providing solutions for its clients. Adobe indesign cs3 was officially launched on March 2007.

Some of the indesign versions include:

Indesign CS4 which was released on October 2008

Indesign CS5 which was released on April 2010

Indesign CS6 which was released on April 23 2012

Indesign CC which was released on January 15 2014

Indesign CC 2014 which was released on June 18, 2014

Indesign CC 2014 which was released on October 6 2014

Indesign cc 2014 which was released on February 11 2015

Indesign CC 2015 which was released on June 20 2016

Indesign CC 2018 which was released on march 2018

Adobe has special setting that is used to lay out Arabic and Hebrew text. These settings include

1Text settings
This settings allows one to space out letters and justify them, it has a ligature option, used to position vowels, can be used to justify text in three ways; standard, Arabic and naskh, one can insert special characters and apply standard for Arabic and Hebrew style.
2Table of contents
The settings displays table of contents in every language. The table is grouped to the chosen language. Adobe indesign CS4 enables a designer to create his own language
3Text flow
It allows the user to change the direction of neutral characters from right to left and left to right while mixing them. One can also change paragraphs and stories in a particular document to attain a bi-directional text flow. All this is achieved due to the user’s keyboard language.
This setting enables a graphic designer or the user to use embedded indexing code in creating simple keywords and detailed index information in a given text.`indesign is a special program in inserting character information in books, journals and movie titles. They can also be grouped based on chosen language.
5Import and export
This setting allows a designer to import QuarkXPress files using Arabic languages by not altering him content and layout.
6Reverse layout
This is a setting that enables a user to reverse layouts in a particular document from right to left and left to right.
7Complex script rendering
This is a Unicode character used for encoding. It supports complex text layout for both Arabic and Hebrew script.